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This premium residential development in an area of 6.8 hectares with an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. The concept of green and naturally become the main cluster atmosphere that only 71 units built this house. Powered excellence Bogor panorama can be enjoyed from above the height of the house, including Mount Salak and Mount Halimun in the south, Mount Gede and Mount Pangrango in the east, as well as Ivory Cipinang River flowing on one side of the border of the cluster, makes The Cliff is present as occupancy amazing. Not only that, every housing unit built to follow the conditions of land in each plots, follow the contours of canyons and cliffs of land owned by this cluster. The Cliff was developed with a base of the building rests on a low coefficient, so that extensive areas of groundwater recharge. In fact, parks and lakes in the middle of the cluster can serve to accommodate the rain water. As a cluster belle BNR, The Cliff letting 70 percent of its area covered with green vegetation with a choice of plants, such as rosin, pine, Pulai, eucalyptus, acacia, tamarind, flamboyant, golden ketapang, and saliks large and shady. The dominance of pine trees as landscaping to confirm clusters that blend with the natural mountains. Equipped with tropical minimalist modern architecture and environmentally friendly housing units in the cluster The Cliff dominated natural stone, wood and homogenius granital that adorn the house construction, and reinforced alumunium frame and lightweight steel frame. The living room is separate from the main building, especially on the types and Up Slope Down Slope, such as the gazebo, but still in a private area. The rooms airy and open. All units have a public space with a panoramic view towards the park. That's because of type and Up Slope Down Slope has decreased slope of the land behind the house, so it has a panoramic valley and the lake behind the house the land sloped. Of course, every room has a panoramic view of exotic lake bed, and dining room, family room, as well as other space spoiled beautiful panoramic visualization. The Cliff is equipped neighborhood center, jogging track and CCTV cameras at four points. At the neighborhood center was built lake water, swimming pool, playground with amphitheater, pergola and viewing decks, as well as foot reflexology facilities throughout the park. With all of these privileges would not be surprised when The Cliff priced Rp 2 billion up to Rp 4 billion per unit. Land prices are Rp3, 5 million per square meter and the fastest-selling was the most expensive. in

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